Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Big Milestones

Thing 1 has passed some big milestones the last week.  Some good, some, well, not so good.

The first big one is he finished his Math-U-See Primer book.  He is soooo proud of this, and I am super proud of him as well, since we just started in back in April.  That was on teh 3rd, and he has been begging to get started on Alpha since he finished Primer.  I am trying to give him a bit of a break (and buy myself some time since he will probably fly through Alpha too)

He also has his first ever surgery, which is not really a good thing.  This also brought about his first time spending a night without me there at all (Link was with him).  He had been playing on the floor by the back door and apparently a sewing needle was on the floor and while he was kneeling he somehow managed to get the sewing needle in his knee, and behind his kneecap.  He's doing well now (surgery was yesterday morning) and hasn't had to take anything for pain.  He's a little trooper :)  The children's hospital gave him a couple puzzles, which he loves.

No pictures this time, I'm sorry!

(Thing 2 has now gotten 4 teeth and has 2 more coming in.... YAY!)


Michelle said...

thanks for sharing the great and not so great news!

God bless you!

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