Thursday, February 25, 2010

Box Day #2!

I got (most of) the rest of my stuff I ordered today!  This was the box from Rainbow Resource.  I am missing the student book for the Wordly Wise, but I just got the tracking number for it in my email.  Woohoo!

Can you tell I have a love of manipulatives?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Box Day #1!!

Our Math-U-See stuff has arrived.  I already switched the blocks from their cardboard box to another box (which I think originally had makeup in it)

We have Primer, Alpha, the starter set of blocks (you can't see all of them in the picture, but they're there) and the skip counting CD.

In a couple days my order from Rainbow Resource should be here, and then I'll have everything from this round of ordering :)  (I forgot to order something, so have to convince Link to let me order it)  (Don't mind the other stuff in the box, that's the stuff I bought at Borders a couple weeks ago)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Totally Non-Observant!

I just realized a little bit ago (before the realization about the lapbook, honestly) that one of the ladies from the There's No Place Like Home forum that I have been frequenting most recently has commented on a number of my blog posts from BEFORE I knew ther ewas a comment issue.  I had no idea anyone had gone BACK and commented on the older posts.  Thanks Jenn~!
And thanks to anyone who comments (like Heather whose comment about the GM lapbook reminded me I hadn't posted it)

Apparently the comments hold me more accountable than I hold myself.  OOOPS!

Hey look, baby picture!  And Impa-Puppy and my foot apparently.  This was just taken a couple days ago ♥  (And I really wish Blogger would quit being weird and let me put text AFTER my pictures!)

How did I forget?!

I apparently at some poitn along the way forgot that I hadn't posted Thing 1's Goodnight Moon lapbook pictures.

I am horrible with the slacking thing!  Back, inside and then the underneath of the flappy part on the right inner section.  Because that TOTALLY made sense as a description.  The things in this one are a lot more spaced out because there were a lot of bigger things, and I have only ever been involved in the making of one other lapbook, y'know?  He seems to REALLY enjoy making these at least :)

Busy Busy Busy!

I'm still alive!  All of us are, in fact.

We're just REALLY busy right now.  And probably will be for about a month or so if everything goes well.


We're working on buying a house.  If we succeed (which it is looking extremely likely since all that is left is to actually secure the loan and the closing), then we will be working on moving and going through things and figuring out what in the WORLD to do with all of the space we'll have.  (Currently in a small two bedroom apartment, looking at moving into a 4 bedroom, two story townhouse)

Since I have a camera now, and have figured out many of its workings (although not all, of course) I have no excuse to not have pictures when I return for a more regular basis.  Which will happen!  I am expecting in the next week ro so to recieve all of our curriculum stuff (box days!  yay!) and so when we get settled we will be able to more seriously get into our schooling.

Here is a recent Thing 1 and 2 (and Impa-Puppy) picture though that just melts my heart:

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Toys!

Link and I decided with our tax return this year, besides putting money toward a down payment for a house (yay?) we would treat ourselves to new computers.  They are QUITE nice, and definitely a LOT faster than the old ones (although my husband refuses to use any computer straight out of a box, and so has already modified his)

Another thing I got is a camera!  I now no longer have to wait until Link is home to take pictures :)  I am still working on figuring this thing out, but here are a couple pictures I just took a few minutes ago to see the difference with and without flash on the Auto setting.

This is WITH Flash, and yes, Thing 2 IS sleeping like that...

 This is WITHOUT Flash, and I think looks a little better in this case.

Much playing to be done with the camera!  And with the new computer playing with the pictures from the new camera.

Oh yes, this will be lots of fun, indeed.