Monday, February 22, 2010

Totally Non-Observant!

I just realized a little bit ago (before the realization about the lapbook, honestly) that one of the ladies from the There's No Place Like Home forum that I have been frequenting most recently has commented on a number of my blog posts from BEFORE I knew ther ewas a comment issue.  I had no idea anyone had gone BACK and commented on the older posts.  Thanks Jenn~!
And thanks to anyone who comments (like Heather whose comment about the GM lapbook reminded me I hadn't posted it)

Apparently the comments hold me more accountable than I hold myself.  OOOPS!

Hey look, baby picture!  And Impa-Puppy and my foot apparently.  This was just taken a couple days ago ♥  (And I really wish Blogger would quit being weird and let me put text AFTER my pictures!)

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