Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Few Changes

While you may not have noticed, I have been rather scarce around this blog.  I’ve been slowly working on a new pet project, on top of not really feeling inspired to blog about school and such.

I DO however, want to change that.  I’m back to using Windows Live Writer, in hopes that not having to go online to Blogger in order to blog, and getting distracted by the internet at large will help.

I am going to make sure crafty stuff stays over at my pet project blog, and keep this blog for school and general life things.  This also means that I may reference between the two sometimes.  For sanity’s sake.

Thing 1 and I have been working our way through first grade, and it’s going well!  Thing 2 is wanting to sit at the table with us now and do… well, who knows exactly, but giving him a piece of paper and a crayon results in some scribbles and him passing the paper down the table to me ♥

So I will be blogging a bit more about Thing 1’s homeschooling, Thing 2 showing interest in working with us (he throws a FIT if he is not on my lap when I’m reading)and some Voom thrown in for good measure.  Because Voom is adorable Winking smile