Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why Yes, I AM Still Alive

I am in desperate need of a proper camera.  Using Link's phone is really hard to do when he's not always home.  (Job kinda keeps him away 40+ hours a week... BAH!)  I have found one I like though.  Now it's just a matter of getting the tax return and buying it.  Along with a new computer, Thing 1's curriculum for this year or so, and more diapers (with my sewing machine being difficult I can't MAKE them since Thing 2 is already outgrowing the current ones).

And hopefully another wrap if I love Mojito as much as I think I will.  Because I can never have too many wraps (and I don't always wear green, so having a color besides green might be a good idea)

New hobby lately?  Crochet.  And not just blankets.  In fact, I have yet to make a single blanket.  I make HATS.  So far I have made 8 hats.  Three belong to Thing 2, 2 have other homes, and 3 are being set aside for collecting as stock so I can hopefully open my own store at some point.  No two hats are alike, because I keep finding more patterns that I like to try and use.  One hat was originally going to be one of those baby sleep-sack things and I got bored at about hat length and decided to make it a hat instead.  I can whip out most of them in less than two hours, although the one I am currently working on is kicking my behind.  I keep stopping every other row because the next little section sucks to do and I dread it during the two rows.  But it is going well!  So once I finish using all of the yarn I currently have (which is a lot, Michael's had a sale on a lot of their yarn, so I bought a lot of yarn) I should have at LEAST like 12 more hats.  Which will probably all be with different patterns.  I will have to post pictures once I get the collection built up a bit more.  (I even bought pink yarn so I would quit trying to claim hats for Thing 2 lol)

We had snow today!  Which Link and Thing 1 enjoyed playing in.  As well as the puppy, although she is a chicken and at times would go sit in the overhang area and just shiver because she is not well equipped for dealing with the cold.  Thing 2 and I made a couple appearances outside, but mostly just hung out inside.  I made beef, potato and corn stew for dinner.  Well, more like soup.  Whatever.  It was good.

Thing 1 completed another lapbook, this time on Goodnight Moon.  I have not taken any pictures of it yet, although I definitely NEED to.  I have, however, taken to putting the month and year on the front of the lapbooks.  That way I can see the progression in things like his handwriting.

All in all, it's been busy busy busy around here :)

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

Can't wait to see the lapbook.