Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 1!!!

Soooo today is day one of our homeschooling. Once Thing 1 wakes up, that is. I am not 100% done with the setup and such, but I still have time to get there.

The picture is of our workboxes (for now... I want better ones later on). In them are just various things.
1: Calendar folder
2: Handwriting dry erase thing
3: Cutting practice (I just realized the scissors aren't in there...)
4: A book to read
5: A small game I put together last night
6: Lunch
7: Sight Word flash cards
8: a card telling him to play with his clay :)
9: Books to choose from to read
10: I have forgotten what is in this one...
11: Discussing what we did today
12: draw on MSPaint for 10 minutes

Just a lot of stuff in hopes that he gets used to doing this and then once I order our curriculum stuff he'll already be used to THIS part when that stuff gets added in.

Added: Ok, just went and put scissors in. 10 is a puzzle. (can we tell I did this last night?)

♥ Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures as we get this stuff done so I can report back on how it's gone :)

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Jenn~ said...

Your workboxes look fantastic! I hope they work out well for you and the little one!