Monday, April 19, 2010

First day!

We are moved in now for the most part, and enjoying our new home.  Today was our first day of school in the new house, and Thing 1 thoroughly enjoyed himself.

He practiced writing our new address, his full name and the letter A.  I used some of our primary lined paper, write what I wanted him to practice, and laminated the pages, so we can do this many many times without wasting paper.  YAY!

He finished lesson 9 in Math-U-See Primer (he actually got a head start the other day and we did the first few lessons because he was begging me to be allowed to do some math stuff).  Tomorrow he may either be building numbers using his hundred board and Decimal Street and blocks, or we'll move on to lesson 10.  I haven't entirely decided yet.  Maybe we'll do both ;)

Since our handwriting letter for the week is A, he learned the ASL sign for the letter A as well.

He played with the pattern blocks and did the first activity from the Pattern Blocks for Primary Grades notebook that I have.  He also made a little person with them.

And last but not least, we discussed our plans to go to a big park on Thursday.  He then watched the garbage episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy and we discussed trash and things like why we don't use paper plates and why Thing 2 is cloth diapered ♥ (I happen to have some disposables in the house because they were given to us "just in case" and as soon as I picked one up, Thing 1 said that they are gross LOL)  And he wants to pick up trash at the park Thursday, so we will be taking bags with us.

All that is left is the perpetual box 12, which I will talk about in a separate post ♥

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