Monday, April 19, 2010

Box 12

In the First Day! post I mentioned the perpetual box 12.  It is Thing 1's chore folder.

I have a bunch of the library pockets that I ordered, as well as tagboard, so I made a lapbook style folder for his chores.  On the front it has his name and Chore Folder, as well a note that it is to be kept in box #12.  I wrote his chores down on index cards, and when he completes them, he moves them from the Note Done pocket to teh Done pocket.

Very very simple, but he enjoys it and so enjoys his chores now too.  He loves being able to move things from one folder to another.

His chores are:
Make Bed
Clean Playroom
Put Books Away
Feed Impa
Put Silverware Away (from the dishwasher... he can't reach any of the cabinets where the other dishes go)
Clean Bedroom
Read (Thing 2) a Book

As we get better settled in the house and he gets older we'll be adding things, and may also have to split into two separate folders for morning and afternoon chores.