Friday, April 30, 2010

How is it...?

How is it that I did not so great in math, and hated math with a passion for a good bit of school, yet my older son LOVES math, anything related to math, and is doing SO awesomely in it so far?

Last week, at the beginning of the week we were on lesson 10.

Now, after a few days of not doing any math in the last two weeks (letting things sink in and allowing him to continue practice and exploring with the manipulatives)  We are on lesson 20!  There's only 10 lessons to go in Primer!

This may be because Primer is meant as an introduction, and Alpha is where he'll have to start memorizing things, but he is FLYING through it.  Once he seems to understand a topic, we do a couple of teh worksheets and then go to the next lesson.  Math is only during Thing 2's naptimes because Thing 2 thinks that the blocks are potentially delicious, so any time we can move on to the next lesson we do because we never know when math time will be cut short by the little one.

Also, how is it that my little baby is now hitting 8 months old?!  Thing 1 is rapidly approaching 6, and Thing 2 is rapidly approaching 1 and I just can't stand it :(