Monday, March 29, 2010

Mysterious Ways

So we still haven't moved yet.  We had a couple things go horribly wrong with the closing, and it went insane.
Last week, we ended up going and looking at different houses.  We found one that has ended up being the same price, but a little smaller.

HOWEVER, it doesn't require any work to make it presentable.  It has all new carpets and all of the walls are teh same color (the other house you could tell someone had TRIED to paint, but done a REALLY bad job, and in a few places didn't even go all the way up the wall... so the stairwell had three different shades of off white).  There is also a fireplace in this one, and a couple of rather large mirrors in the largest room downstairs.  The yard is a lot smaller, but the back yard is already fenced in, so that is less work for us as well.  This place went on the market literally right as the other one was falling through.  So some mysterious ways have been worked, and even our realtor feels like this was meant to be.

We are supposed to close later this week (in 2 days to be exact) and then will start the whirlwind of activity to get everything moved and get this apartment cleaned before the 10th of April.

In other news, Link and I celebrated our second anniversary yesterday!  We didn't do much, instead choosing to relax.

(And Thing 1 has just informed me he wants a baby chicken...)