Monday, March 8, 2010

Tick Tock

Time is moving right along while we get ready for this move.  And with this move comes settling in in a new place and then starting to more diligently do SCHOOL!

I've started creating a basic plan on what we'll do when, especially since I am slowly adding more subjects as we go along.  By the winter "term" we should be done adding things finally.

So for Thing 1's kindergarten prep and year I have chosen the following:
~Math-U-See, Primer and Alpha
~Lesson Pathways lessons plans for Science introduction and Social Studies introduction
~Astronomy study later on, this is what he WANTS to study, so we'll do a LARGE unit on it
~US Geography/states study
~Edcon Literature worktexts level 1
~Wordly Wise 3000 Second Edition, Level K
~Hooked on French (this is on the computer, and looks like lots of fun for a basic intro to foreign languages)
~Sign Language cards for learning a few signs (probably just once a week to begin with this year)
~Many many types of manipulatives, including pentominos, tangrams, pattern blocks, linking cubes, cuisineaire rods, opaque counters, colored wooden cubes, a geoboard
~Handwriting practice, using the ream of handwriting paper I got, not workbooks
~Writing letters and such to family
~Drawing both on paper and on the computer
~Introductory typing (he uses the computer, and I want to try and steer him away from bad habits as much as possible)
~Playing with his brother and the dog and me and Link and a group of local homeschool kids

If at any point he seems overwhelmed (keep in mind that many of these are only once a week!) I can always back off some on most of this.  The joy of being able to work at HIS pace, not someone else's.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Sounds good!

Christina S. said...

I'm glad you are finding the that the History and Science Pathways are a good fit for your homeschool!

If you have any questions or suggestions for our site, please feel free to drop me a line a

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-Christina S. Team Member