Thursday, December 17, 2009

Look Out World!

I now own a laminating machine. Aaaand I've already started putting it to good use. Since we have a long drive ahead of us in a couple days, I am trying to get stuff together to keep Thing 1 occupied. He has slept through the trip in the past, but it's been a year and a half since the last time, and I doubt he'll sleep as long this time. So far I have made a chart with the number 1 through 100, and also made a grid with capital letters in a dashed font and on the back is another grid with the lower-case letters.

I also have a sheet that is nothign more than blank lines, and plan on finding a few other things on the internet to print out that he can do over and over. My mother-in-law gave him a couple books that are dry-erase, so he has markers that will work wonderfully on these "sheets".

I will also finally be able to print out all of the stuff for workboxes so that I can have a good bit of the more tedious work done before we start them. I just need to get hold of some velcro dots. (when I DO get hold of the velcro dots, I will be even MORE dangerous then!)

So Thing 1 will be entertained for the trip and Thing 2 will most likely sleep for most of it. :) Look out Maine, here we come!

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Jenn~ said...

I don't think I could have lived without my laminating machine or my velcro! You seriously need a camera at home during the day so you can share all you have been working on!