Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obsessions, or at least pretty darn close!

In the last year I have taken a major interest in a few different topics and enjoy researching the snot out of them. They are homeschooling, babywearing and cloth diapering.

Homeschooling is up there because, well, we plan on the boys (and any potential future children) being homeschooled. So I want to have as much information as humanly possible. I am on the Yahoo! group for the area's homeschoolers, for workboxes, for file-folder games. And also on the BabyCenter group for homeschooling.

For cloth diapering, I am not entirely sure how the idea came into my head, but I do remember Link was more dcided to do cloth before me. The big reasons behind it were that Thing 1 had horrible rashes and also potty trained later than "average". I make my own covers and will be making my own pocket fitteds at some point to use our prefolds as "stuffing" in. I am a part of the BabyCenter cloth diapering group and cloth diaper sewing groups, as well as the Kids in the Garden Yahoo! group.

Babywearing is the latest major one. I didn't get to wear Thing 1 much because he didn't particularly like it, and I didn't have a lot of information. NOW though, I am a part of the babywearing group on BabyCenter and holy cow I have learned a TON in the last few weeks. I made my own mei tai, ring sling, pouch sling, and stretchy wrap (and am making a mei tai for a friend ♥). And Link, for my birthday/Christmas present allowed me to order a beautiful woven wrap from a co-op (discount for ordering through the co-op). I have a couple "tasks" that can earn me another one. Everytime I turn around, someone on the board is showing off another wrap that is OMG GORGEOUS. So far though, my biggest loves have been Girasol Mojito (this is the one that will be here in February!), Hoppediz Montreal, Osaka and Timbuktu, and Neobulle Arthur. They're pretty! (and all different colors too!)

I find all of these to be very important for our household, and so Link isn't toooo upset with my researching. I'm sure he's just hoping I don't find something ELSE to be like this with :)

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