Monday, November 2, 2009


I am EXHAUSTED. I have been up every night for a couple weeks now because everytime Thing 2 would have a rough night I'd be up anyway. Then he quit having rough nights and I managed to get myself to bed at a decent (albeit really early) time tonight.

So what does he do? Wakes up and fusses for the first time in like 4 nights. And he was not fussing in the "give me my pacifier and leave me be because I'll fall back asleep" way. It was the "OMG MOM YOU HAVEN'T FED ME IN THE LAST 20 MINUTES!" sort of way. Sooo I dragged myself out of bed, into the living room and nursed him, then laid him down in the living room and have been up since then.

FarmVille, Cafe World and Mafia Wars have been sharing my attention with BabyCenter. Which, really, is usually the case with my late nights.

Still no further progress on the apartment. I need to have one day where I can jsut empty an entire half of the living/dining room area and then reassemble it. It's otherwise too difficult to make any progress.

Something very important that has taken up some of my attention is the fact that Thing 2 may have an issue with dairy products. I cut dairy out of my diet for the most part a couple weeks ago and the symptoms he was having have gone away. Except when I do something selfish like the other night when I had pizza. I paid for that one later that night when Thing 2 spewed on me a few times in a row. I apologized and said I learned my lesson. I really did learn too.

He has his 2 month (2 months already, holy cow!) appointment today, so we will be bringing up the possibility and asking the pediatrician what she thinks. He also is getting his two month vaccines today (I don't delay vaccines and don't omit any except for the stupid flu vaccine). And Thing 1's appointment for his 5 year check up will be made today. He will not be a happy camper when that appointment comes up.

And just because I haven't posted any at all yet, here is a picture of Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and part of my arm)

Aren't they just DARLING?

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