Thursday, October 22, 2009


Why am I blogging?

Because I can, and I'm bored sometimes. Honestly, that's about it ;)

Why am I domestically challenged?

If I knew the answer to that, I could more easily fix it, now couldn't I?

Why do I breastfeed?

Because I can, and it's what is best for my baby. Custom food, c'mon! I do not, however, think that breastfeeding is for everyone, and do not find it appropriate to belittle those who choose not to. I am pro-feeding, as long as it is appropriate for the age. (no fries for 2 month old babies!)

Why do I cloth diaper?

Thing 1 reacted badly to almost all disposable diapers. That is reason number 1 for me to use cloth. Cloth diapers don't have that weird chemical smell. That weird chemical smell gets worse with pee or poo, and cloth doesn't have that. That's how I can have my diaper pail literally sitting in my living/dining room and not smell it. In fact, I don't smell much of anything from the pail until I am putting everything into the washing machine.

For us, it is very cost effective as well. I make m own covers and such. The only thing "pre-made" that we purchased are the prefolds. The utilities haven't been majorly affected, so we are still doing well there for saving money. Disposables are just throwing money away. Not to mention throwing away fecal matter which shouldn't be going into the trash because it is not a proper receptacle for that sort of waste. But how many people do you know who dump the poo into the toilet because throwing the disposable in the trash?

Exactly. Ew.

Why do I plan on homeschooling?

We (Link and I) believe that we can provide a better-tailored education to our children than the public school system. While public school does very well with many man students, there are those who are either ahead or behind in different subjects who cannot get what they need to be successful. With homeschooling we can have them in numerous grade levels in the same year for different subjects. Thing 1 is currently a bit ahead in reading, and with homeschooling I can continue that instead of stalling him so others can catch up.

Why do I only ever seem to post very late at night/early in the morning so far?

Because I can't sleep. I have a tendency to end up with my sleeping schedule almost completely opposite what is SHOULD be. Really removes any hope of ever having Thing 2 on a proper sleep schedule, although Thing 1 is on one for the most part. (bedtime at the same time every night give or take 15 minutes)

Why did I do this post?

Because it's 4 am and I am BORED!

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