Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning

In an effort to challenge my domestically challenged self, I have done a lot of reading on getting more organized, tackling housework, tackling clutter so that housework doesn't become overwhelming within 5 minutes.

Tonight, or this morning, however you want to look at it since I haven't been to bed yet and it's almost 8am, I tackled the kitchen. I started by putting a load of dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning my sink, and then turning to the shelving unit thingie that has all of our canned goods and stuff on it (we have no pantry). I pulled pretty much everything off of it, and labelled 3 baskets with "Momma's Snacks", "Daddy's Snacks", and "Thing 1's Snacks". Into those went our individual snack stuffs (myself having the most because I snack more than I eat meals, bad habit of mine) and back onto the shelves they went. Other than that, I had wiped down the shelves, put the cereal away, as well as the bread and organized the canned goods.

While doing that, I also had a box sitting to one side that everything that doesn't belong in the kitchen got chucked into. I checked the counters for stray items (a major cause of clutter in the kitchen) and set the box in the living room. This is all the start of a major plan for me in tackling the apartment, and hopefully continuing to keep things caught up from completion onward.

I will do one room at a time, putting things away, cleaning things, pulling things out of the room that don't belong. The next room is the bathroom... yay. Anyway, I will bring the items that do not belong all into the living room/dining room. That will be the last area done. All of the things that do not belong in that room then will be put where they belong in the proper rooms, because all of the other rooms will have been cleaned already.

It made way more sense when I was telling Link about it. Right now I'm just trying to convince myself to either go to bed or to clean the bathroom.

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