Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everything Has a Beginning

As you can't really have any sort of story, even a "live" story, without a beginning, I suppose now is the best time for introductory sorts of things.

My name is Stephanie. I often go by the handle of Bacskocky. I play World of Warcraft, where I am often referred to by friends as Om, short for Omaula. I am a domestically challenged wife to my husband Cameron, who often goes by the handle of Link, although in WoW he's Nerm, short for Nermak. I am also mother to my two wonderful little boys, William (age almost 5, who I refer to as Thing 1) and Dorian (age 7 weeks, who I refer to as Thing 2). And owner to Impa-Puppy, who has numerous nicknames, but doesn't REALLY need an alias. This is for future reference, because I am going to use these nicknames in the future. Not that we have horribly uncommon names, I just want to use different names. I'm weird, I know.

This blog is sort of a daily happenings thing for me to share. I am, as I said before, domestically challenged. I am also a breastfeeding, cloth diapering, video-game playing geeky girl. I am sarcastic and cynical, but also love to have a good laugh and absolutely LOVE spending time with my family. I am unknown on religious fronts, because I'm not entirely sure where I fit in. I sew in some of my spare time, and have been busily researching homeschooling because that is something else I am planning on doing. So this is a blog to capture all of THAT. I have gotten a lot of joy and a ton of ideas from reading the blogs of other people, and hope to also enjoy blogging myself.

How often will I post? Goodness knows. But hopefully often enough to not be boring :)

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