Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dewey's Showcase

 Dewey's Showcase at the Stay at Home Librarian

I am joining Manda over at The Stay at Home Librarian this week on her new meme Dewey's Showcase.  Featuring different tools that are used for learning.  And this week I'm going to feature something that I have had for MYSELF for a while that I have just recently been introduced to the concept of using for a learning tool.

Thing 1 LOVES to use the computer, and one of his favorite things ever to use it for is drawing.  He usually isn't allowed on MY computer (it is, afterall, MINE and he has his own with his parental controls and such on it), but recently he has been on it in order to use this wonderful tool.

My WACOM tablet input device!

I have the CTE-440, in bluuuuue.  It's an older model, but it still gets to job done.  I use it when I am doing stuff with pictures that requires a lot of detail because I can better control the "pen" than my mouse.

Thing 1 uses it to draw, write, scribble... He's not quite AS comfortable with it as I am, but then I've also had it a few years and he wasn't allowed to touch it ;)

(I know he's not holding the pen correctly, we're working on it... there's buttons on it and he doesn't use those and so doesn't like to hold it down on the grip)

(Oh, and ignore my ridiculously messy desk...)

Go join Manda over at Dewey's Showcase!  Surely you must have something you can share ;)


Manda said...

I don't know what was wrong. I saw your entry, but it just wouldn't publish, so I deleted it and started another. Thanks for being my first Showcaser!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

That's neat!