Friday, July 9, 2010


So I just took a look at my blog and realized it's been a whole week since I last posted >.<

We've been busy busy busy with playing and schooling and cleaning and chilling out since our air conditioner got repaired at the beginning of last week.

Thing 2 has taken his first few steps, although he still prefers to crawl because it's faster ;)  He's still practicing new sounds and stuff as well.

Thing 1 has memorized his +0 and +1 facts!  I had him doing the test for the +0 and even though he fought me on that one, he went ahead and did the one for +1 as well and since he had that down pretty well I figured we may as well skip doing the worksheets on that.

I haven't been taking as many pictures either.  I'm seriously slacking here!

HOWEVER, I am working on a couple of reviews for the TOS crew, which will be posted later this month.

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Denise said...

LOL~ I am laughing at the subtitle to your blog! :)

Love the pictures of you little ones (teeth coming, teeth going).

I am new to the Homeschool Crew this year, and am enjoying all the blogs.