Monday, May 24, 2010


Now, I find the whole "homeschoolers are unsocialized" argument to be a bit silly, but that doesn't mean that I intentionally keep Thing 1 inside all day and don't let him meet anyone.

Every week (at least until it gets too hot) there is a group of homeschoolers around his age that get together at a local park and play.
Here Thing 1 is "fishing" in the nearby stream.  The "pole" was made by one of the girls who goes (who turns 6 this coming week!) and she was over there fishing as well.

You can't see it very well, but here Thing 1 is pretending to shoot a bow and arrow, using sticks.  (You can barely make out the "arrow" stick being held near his face)

This picture was not long before the swordfighting that occured with sticks, that resulted in this
LOVELY mark above his eye.  (He had dropped his sword and bent down to pick it up, the other boy didn't realize what he was doing and Thing 1 got whacked)  Not long after it happened, the other boy and Thing 1 were playing with teh sidewalk chalk like nothing had ever happened!  Gotta love kids :)

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Mrs. White said...

What a sweetheart!! He's precious!

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