Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Continuing Australia, and a Growing Boy

So as this week has progressed, Thing 1 has refused to do anything about Australia that is not animal related.  No real big deal.  He has his map of the continents that he points Australia out on, and enjoys drawing pictures of the animals and stuff.  I think we'll do something like this for all of the continents because he is REALLY enjoying it right now.

Here he is with all of the animal worksheets so far spread around with his continents map as well.  On Monday, I had filled out the koala page for him (words like eucalyptus and marsupial would've probably resulted in a temper tantrum because he hates not being able to spell correctly) and he's using that to complete the others.


He also has been getting up in the morning and getting his own breakfast as best he can.  (I grab a bowl for him, but other than that he CAN do the rest; the other day he used a stool to get a bowl himself >.< )

My house looks a lot messier than it actually is.  I promise.  Well, this picture is actually from a couple days ago and I've cleaned up the dining room more since then.  Still working on getting things settled after the move :)

He dresses himself and chooses his own clothes, too.  In the two above pictures, it hasn't been a big deal.

However, some days we get a more creative outfit.  (I make him change to something that matches better if we're going anywhere)

He's growing up so quickly :(  Make it stop!

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