Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So my order from Rainbow Resource has arrived, and now I can share pretty much all of what we have planned for first grade for Thing 1, as well as a couple items I got for Thing 2 (and Voom... you'll see what I mean when I get to that picture Winking smile  )

You will notice that one subject is missing from these pictures: Math.  I am waiting for Math-U-See's cart system to be updated so that I can order the next level, even though we are not finished with Alpha yet.

Also not pictured are the ream of first grade writing paper and the globe.


First up we have art.  We are doing ARTistic Pursuits, K-3 book 1 this year.  This is the book itself and all of the supplies needed.  This is one of Thing 1’s favorite subjects in general so I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess it up Winking smile


Here we have history.  We are doing Story of the World 1, the Ancients this year.  Those are the books in the lower right of the picture.  The rest is all reference guides.


Here is our science stuff.  This year we’re studying life science using Great Science Adventures.  GSA has different activities and such in each of the four books across the bottom, and the books on the top are various reference materials.


Language Arts.  This subject has haunted me for months trying to figure out what to do.  here we have Spelling Workout (levels A through C, just in case he flies through A and/or B), First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, level 1, Writing with Ease (both The Complete Writer and level 1’s workbook) and 4 different Literature Pockets books.  Thing 1’s reading ability is above these, but I think that these will at least be fun for him to do.  He’ll do additional reading on his own.


Mind Benders!  I got four different levels just because I wanted to.  We’re going to start with the first one and do these every once in a while as a sort of change of pace, fun activity.


Typing Instructor for Kids.  Thing 1 enjoys being on the computer and typing, sooooooo we’re going to work on typing correctly before he develops all of the horrible habits his mother has picked up.  Winking smile


These are predominantly for Thing 2.  Thing 1 is not a fan of music, although he IS a fan of noise so he will likely play with them as well, but this way hopefully Thing 2 won’t be doing things like drawing on the walls or climbing bookshelves.  I’m hoping for noisy distraction.  whether or not it WORKS, we’ll find out.  (Thing 1 seems to work better with something going on in the background)


This is Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready.  It’s a book with weekly activities to do with your child from birth until age 5.  This is obviously the one that will work for Voom as well.  I plan on going over some of the skills in here with Thing 1 as well since I am a slacker and there are some things he doesn’t know (oops) that he probably should.


All of this LOOKS like a lot of work, but with the number of things that are reference for science and history, it’s really not as much as it seems.  And because I have them NOW, that’s less stuff to buy in the future, which makes Link very happy Smile


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What a totally awesome box day!

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I love it all!

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We love slow and steady get me ready activities. We did them with Peach and Luigi for the longest time.