Monday, January 31, 2011


Thing 1 has developed a love of looking things up in the dictionary.  I love this.  Usually.

Last week, I was talking on the phone with my sister, and Thing 1 kept saying he was STARVING.  I told him that no, he wasn't starving.  He was just very hungry, not dying from malnutrition or anything, he'd live for the, like, 15 minutes I still had on the phone.

He continued to argue that yes, he WAS in fact starving.  So I told him to look it up.

And he did.

I read the first definition, which is the one *I* had meant when he said he was starving, and said "See, you're not starving" and started to walk away.  (keep in mind my sister is still on the phone so hears this whole thing)

"Uhmmm... Momma?  The second one says 'very hungry'.  So I AM starving!"

My sister laughed soooooooooo hard at me.  And I have never been so tempted in his entire life to confiscate a book from my child.


So that is the story of how I was proven wrong, by my six year old, with a dictionary as his weapon.  I'm still a bit flustered by it now (obviously, because I'm POSTING about it)

He keeps life interesting at least, right?

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Lisa said...

How cute, I have a daughter who loves dictionaries. She even likes to buy new ones with her own money.