Monday, November 29, 2010

State of the Topsy Turvy Household

Thing 1, my darling almost 6 year old (already?!) is anxiously awaiting his 6th birthday, coming in December.

At the Aquarium, I love this shot!

Thing 2 is getting into EVERYTHING, and has taken a particular liking to Link's computer (oooops).

This is what happens when an almost 15 month old gets ahold of a watercolor colored pencil and tastes it.

But I think the BIGGEST news in this household is the little darling set to arrive sometime in April.

B is Body, H is Head.  This was the best shot that they could get :)

At our anatomy ultrasound this past week, we were informed that it is most likely that this youngling is a boy (I'm still trying to decide between Little Cat A and Voom for a nickname.  I'm rather fond of Voom)

And now as December is fast approaching, I am fully intending to stay more up to date on here ;)  I was having problems with wanting to spill the beans about the baby before the planned time.  I am good with secrets... if they are OTHER PEOPLE'S secrets.

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Claire said...

Aww...three boys! I'm so excited for you!

Beth is coming up on six as well (Feb 4th) and I just can't believe how big she is getting. I for one am loving having a big kid in the house. At least compared to her siblings she is just so helpful....and can carry on an actual conversation, lol.