Monday, July 19, 2010

"Travel the World" Planner Module Review


If you are looking for something to do a fun unit on basic world geography, you may want to consider The Old Schoolhouse Magazine LLC's "Travel the World" module for The Schoolhouse Planner (which corresponds with June 2010).  The module can be used independently of the planner (as I have done) and only costs $7.95.

Within the e-book, you get activities for learning about globes and maps, the water and land bodies and the continents.  Thing 1's introduction to geography was a couple months ago, and was only very basic, so I was pretty excited to get this to review.

There is a little bit of something for everyone.  Puzzles, coloring pages, creative writing (poetry), lapbook elements, copywork and high school level materials.  There are even a couple recipes in there for the family to try :)  It is very easily supplemented onto, or used as a supplement to another study, and includes a large list of additional resources that are related to this module. This resource list also includes additional products available from The Old Schoolhouse, like their Download N Go unit studies and additional planner modules.

I will admit that while it is an awesome resource (including even activities for high school students, so you can use it with multiple levels at a time), it was not a good fit right NOW for Thing 1.  Afterall, he's only 5.  The concepts were a bit much for him (a bit too detailed), although he did enjoy naming the continents and oceans and coloring.  This is something that will work well for us though in maybe as little as a few months, depending on Thing 1.  Perhaps some repitition is in order for memorization ;)

This is intended for all grades, particularly K-8, with the additional high school activities carrying it all the way through high school.  The higher grades are likely to be a review, but quite thorough for these topics nonetheless.

Like I said, Thing 1 did not do well with this AT THIS TIME, but I anticipate that he will receive it a lot better in the future.

You can read about my fellow Crew member's experience with this product and many other products over at the TOS Homeschool Review blog.

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this e-book by The Old Schoolhouse in return for my honest review of the product.  I was given no other compensation for this review from The Old Schoolhouse or anyone else affiliated with the making of this product.


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way to go on your first review!!!

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I'm blog hopping checking out the other TOS crew reviews.